What is your favorite stamp company?

I was wondering what stamp company is your favorite? If you have a favorite company, please leave a comment telling which company and why they are your favorite! There are just so many great images out there! So please share your thoughts with us!

Thank you!


audrey said...

Hi Kim...well my favorite is Paperbag Studios, hmmmmmm, I wonder why :o) I also like Paper Artsy for their eclectic look. And another favorite is Stampers Anonymous. Actually there are more that I like but those are my top three.

Galaxy Girl said...

Hi Kim,

ouch, difficult to pin down one (or two or three really), but if pushed I would say Hero Arts (plain and simple graphics, but adaptable); Inkadinkado (just lovely images), Paper Artsy (eclectic and different); OxnyXpressions (lush and black); SG-me! Barrel-o alpha ('cos it's mine and the Kimico 'cos it's mine) and lastly Block Head and Paper Bag Studio.


Galaxy Girl said...

ohhhh, and how could I forget Kodomo (just the most fabulous graphics).


Nancy James said...

I do not have a large collection of stamps - at one time I would have said PSX design because I love vintage stuff....but seeing your work and the Paperbag Studio stamps I would have to say they are my favorites!!!

Barbara said...

Hands down it has to be Hero Arts. There are others that I love also but HA is my favorite.

Flo said...

I like dark and/or weird images, so I have a lot of Zetti!

but I also have tons of Hero Arts wildflowers

and pretty much everything in between

Another tried and trusted favourite is Non Sequitur, great collage elements

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