Oak Ash and Thorne

This has to be one of my favorite stamps! She is from Third Coast and the saying is from Postmodern Design. I did her on polished stone, lost a bit of her effect I think, but I started it so I finished it! lol This was done for a weekly challenge on ink-stains .

I have been really busy the past couple weeks with work, appointments, and then my best friend Holly came out from Montreal for a visit! We have been having a blast, but she leaves tonight. Going to miss her so much. I guess I will stamp my way thru missing her! LOL

When she was here Holly helped me make a new banner for my blog! It was so nice to have some lessons in Photoshop! lol...I actually did it all myself, but Holly was here guiding me the whole way thru! Can't wait to try a few more things! Lol

We also got together with the ladies from New Glasgow and area, and went for lunch and shopped at Mindy's store. It was so great to meet up with everyone again! Next time I hope we can spend more time together. It was a bit nuts at Mindy's store and she was busy, so we all kinda wandered around like lost sheep! lol...I agree with Holly, next time we will just invite ourselves over to Robin or Sharon's place! lol

It was just nice to have my best friend talk to, spend time with, and of course LAUGH with! We did go to the movies one night....The Number 23. Not sure even now what I thought of the movie. It was pretty whacked. All that evening I was seeing course Holly had to point even more things out and get me all freaked! lol......note to more scary

Well, off I go! A few more things to do around here and hopefully a bit more stamping as well!

Have a great day!


Lisa said...

Wow, I think this is stunning. I love the stamps you have and what you do with them. :) I love taking a peek at your art.

Birdbrain said...

You should totally invite yourself to my place! After all, you know which exit to take. LMAO!

manicstamper said...

WOW Kim........I soooooo love it.
What a fabulous stamp that is. I was just looking at some images of that type today with my boss at the craft I think we may have to stop looking and start!!!

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Kim,

This is fantastic! Absolutely beautiful and truly a Kim creation! Sure, I'd love to get together, soon! I'll show you how to make the stationary box, if you show me how to make some of your gorgeous cards! lol :) Give me a shout and we'll get together for a stamping night, perhaps early next week. I'm heading to the Valley for the weekend.

Luv the new banner! :)

Barbara said...

Lovely card, so glad you have a wonderful friend and had a great visit. I am sure you will miss her.

Flower said...

Ahhh, I was going to wait until 11:12 to post, but thought that would be a little mean. LOL Miss you too, dagnamit! Hope it's not as long until our next visit and hope it doesn't fly by like this time!

Thanh said...

I can see why that is your fav stamp! Such a gorgeous card, Kim! Glad you had a good visit with your friend as well.

Mary said...

Gorgeous! Love your new banner as well.

Mary (toao)

Gillian Hamilton said...

Tis such a beautiful card...
Gorgeous new banner too, well done Kim.. oh it sounds like you had such a special time... :o)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is fantastic Kim! I love the color combo - it has such a great effect! sorry I have been slow in stopping by your blog...miss seeing your work! :)

Rein said...

This is wonderful, love it!

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