CD cards

I just wanted to share a couple CD cards that I have made with you. They aren't new, but I was browsing thru my files and saw them, and thought why not show them! lol....It's kinda fun to venture outside your box once in awhile and try something new! lol And these were VERY out of the box for me! lol

The first cd is painted with metallic acrylic paints, then stamped and embossed with black. Then I set the cd on a pop can and poured Envirotex over it. I then dropped some crystals into that while it was still good and wet. They are nice and shiney irl, but in the scan it didn't show to well, a couple just look black. While it was wet, I took a straw and gently blew the bubbles out, then let it dry. The background of the card is done with versamark and pearlex. I had alot of fun making this card! It was refreshing to try something a bit different!

The second CD was fun too! Tried something else I had never done, embroidery on a CD! lol....First you have to drill your holes, I have a Rotary Drill with an engraving bit, which is tiny and won't break the cd. Then I embroidered with Metallic Sulky thread. Then stamped on a spirelli shape and fit that in. The backgound was done with soft metallic inks. I think I could have done a better job stamping the center, done something a bit more fancy, but it turned out alright! lol

Thanks so much for dropping by!


Heather Grow said...

Wow, that's amazing how you embroidered the second one. It reminds me of those projects we did with the nails, string and a wooden board.

Birdbrain said...

Gorgeous, Kim. I think you WAAAYYYYY too much time on your hands. LOL

Jennifer said...

Kim these are so neat! I'm so glad that you pulled them from your creative files to share. I've never seen anything like these. SO COOL!

1craftygal said...

OMG Kim! How gorgeous are these? I can't even imagine doing something like this! Awesome work girl!

Thanh said...

You always make the NEATEST cards Kim. Gorgeous.

Julie Mutch said...

Wow! How cool are these! Very neat! Looks like more work than I have patience for! lol :)

Steelydawn said...

How much time did it take you to make that, it must have taken you forever! It's awsome!

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