Picture of my Sons

Evening Everyone!

Tonight I wanted to share a picture of my boys with you. I don't often post personal pictures, but I have a weakness when it comes to my sons! lol Shawn is on the left with Wendy and Mike is on the right with his g/f Debra. Aren't they a great looking bunch? I think I am a bit biased! lol

I do have a few things to post, but I have to wait until they come out in the newsletter from Quietfire Design before I put them on my blog. I think it's tonight or tomorrow, then I can post everything!

Have a great evening Everyone!


Birdbrain said...

Handsome guys, Kim. A nice looking group.

Beth Norman said...

You have very handsome men, Kim.

Julie Mutch said...

Very handsome boys, Kim, and a great looking group. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear your other news, too! :)

I threw my back out, so I'm laying low today. :( Maybe I'll be able to sit at my crafty table and make something a little later after my drugs kick :)

Hope you have a great weekend!


Leanne said...

Great Blog..

Keep Up The Good Work and Keep Blogging.

Love Leanne

Jennifer said...

Of course you should be proud. What a great looking group photo.


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