My word for 2009

I have seen on a few blogs that people are picking a word for the New Year. I didn't have to think to hard to get my word! lol


This past year has been a tough one. I have diabetes, and was doing great without insulin, but in the spring my sugars went crazy, and we decided it was time to go on with the insulin. I have been sick on and off all year. I seem to pick up every single cough, cold or flu that makes it rounds. Working at a large store makes it even harder to keep away from sickness, with the staff and customers. You would be amazed at how many sick people go grocery shopping! lol There has not been a month this past year that I haven't gotten sick and missed work. I am so thankful for very understanding management at my store. They don't question me when I am sick, and let me have the time to get better. I think they have gone above and beyond what is required. My husband is amazing and is so good to me. He is patient beyond belief, always there for me in all circumstances. We were married 2 years ago on December 17th, and yes, in sickness and in health. BUT, there seems to be more sickness than health, and he is a real trooper for hanging in there with me! lol SO, this year my word is HEALTHY! I am going to try harder to keep myself healthy. I will eat better ( I do pretty good in this department already), I will eat more on schedule (hard, and I will excercise more often. If I keep to this plan, I am sure this will be a better year for me, my husband and my work!

Thank you too for hanging in there with me!!!



Hello Kim, oh it would be great for you to join in the challenge with us. You can make as many cards as you like but one is fine! either birthday or christmas, or both its completely up to you. I am trying to do one of each so that i have some christmas cards ready to send out come christmas, and birthday cards as and when i need them throughout the year. I always tend to leave things till the last moment. I am trying to be organized this year.

I am sorry to hear you have been so poorly with your health this year. I hope 2009 is a much healthier year for you. You must not over do things, plenty of crafting should keep you feeling nice and relaxed!

I am looking forward to seeing some more of your wonderful creations in 2009. I love your blog and the wonderful cards you make.

Hugs for now Lind ax

Creative Mish said...

This is a new year and things will be better! To a HEALTHY new year!!

Heather Grow said...

Hi Kim,
I hope that you have a happy and healthy 2009. Take care of yourself and stick to the schedule. Keep a good journal that includes how much insulin you take, your blood surage, excercise, the temperature, your period, sleep and what you eat. After a while you will be able to connect a lot of dots.

And, keep crafting. You are very talented.

Jennifer said...

Kim, I hope that 2009 finds you feeling much better than last year. You are so talented and your blog is a constant inspiration to me.

twinkletoe said...

Good luck to you Kim and hopefully a healthy 2009.

Flower said...

*~*~* HEALTHY WISHES *~*~*
(not so much for you, but for me. You're crabby when your sick. LOL) *running away*

Seriously, take care of you and be healthy. I loves ya...a little.

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