I am so excited!


The reason I am so excited is that I had 3 cards picked up for publication in Paper Creations!  Then I had 4 cards picked up for publication in Just Cards – Valentines/Love Special Issue.  YEAH!!! 

I have been submitting so many cards, and most times hear nothing back.  It’s been a challenge trying to figure out what each magazine might be looking for.  It’s kind of funny though, some of my favourite cards that I thought for sure may be picked up, weren’t.  Urgh….lol, I guess you just have to keep trying! 

It’s the same with Design Teams!  I have tried out for a few big companies, and seem to always make it to the final round, but then they email me  saying I didn’t make the final pick!  This year I am going to just keep trying!  Heck, all’s they can do is say NO! 

I know there are many of you going through exactly the same thing.  Don’t give up though!  Just keep plugging away, and eventually we will get there! lol

Kim at Candle

Hubby and I were going through some photos last night, and came accross this one of me.  I really don’t like pictures of myself, but he said he loved this one and told me to post it on my blog.  So, here I go!  Urgh, that was painful! lol

Well, off to create and take pictures!  Have a wonderful morning everyone!  :)


Julie Mutch said...

Wow, Congratulations, Kim on being published, not once but twice! That's awesome news! :)

I love your photo, I think some of the best photos are when we're unaware it's being taken...candid shots. This one is worthy of framing for sure! You have such a kind heart and you're as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. I'm proud to call you my friend! :)

Big Hugs,

Eva said...

Ohhh....Kimmy, you look so beautiful in this photo, I agree with your hubby, and I am so glad you posted it. Sooo beautiful!

Rockin' Robin S. said...

The picture is great but I know how you feel. I don't think I have even had a pic taken in over a year.
Great job on getting published. Your work is soooo beautiful.
And thanks for the possitive out look on getting published.
I have been wanting to try and haven't even sent anything in. You have refired my desire to try. Cyber Hugs, Robin

Michelle-a-bella said...

Congratulations on your publications!!! I know what you mean about submitting, applying etc. I only submit to my Bella Group for a homepage contest and I hardly get any votes!!! I notice alot of the cards that do get picked are the "busier" cards, so I just might have to get out of my comfort zone! LOL! Also BEAUTIFUL picture, tell your hubby thanks for posting, good for you!!! I am struggling with my own self etc and it is hard! have a great day! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

oh wow...congrats on being published...about time too,as your work is totally gorgeous.
And I can see why your husband likes that photo.

Bev said...

Huge congrats on the publications Kim - WTG hun!! I agree with your hubby - it's a fab picture x

Julie Koerber said...

Congrats to you KIM!!!! Having so many creations picked up is quite a score! So happy for you!

Sylvia said...

Wooohoooo.... huge congrats, Kim.. WTG!!!!!!

But you for sure deserve being published!!! :-)))

Ohhh... and yesss.. your hubby is right: This is a wonderful photo and I'm glad you followed his advice and posted it on your blog *smile* Thanks for sharing!!!
{love and smiles}

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Kim! Your artwork is amazing. Your blog is inspiring. I'm a Kim fan!! LOL

The photo is beautiful! I'm so glad your hubby incouraged you to post it. A lovely photo of a very lovely lady!

Dianne K. said...

Gorgeous picture, Kim!!! I'm so glad Peter suggested that you post it on your blog.

Congratulations on your publications, too! Your cards are gorgeous and so deserving of publication.

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