New Look, New Start


Good Morning!

I have been in a bit of a stamping slump the past few weeks, so I decided to give my blog a face lift, and now I am actually feeling inspired.  Funny how certain things can energize you.  Anyway, I am in my stamping room, and plan on staying in here for the better part of the day and create!  I sure hope I have something to share with you a bit later, as I have projects that are overdue and I really need to catch up!  Thank you for being so patient with me.

Have a wonderful day,


Jennifer said...

I've missed seeing your artwork, Kim. Have fun in your stamping studio. I'll look forward to your beautiful creations.

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Kim,

I've missed seeing your work lately, too, but I know what you's been so rainy and miserable here lately, that I think it's put a lot of people in a slump. I'm so looking forward to our get together on Tuesday night.

Love the new look to your blog! It's beautiful! Maybe now that I've re-done mine too, we'll both get inspired to make more things! lol :)

Have a great weekand and I'll see ya soon!


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