I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged! lol...Thanks Audrey, now I get to share all my weirdness with you all! LOL..scary!

I am supposed to tell 6 weird things about myself, and tag 6 people as well. So some of my weird things are:

1. I get lost in parking lots, and no matter how hard I try to find my car afterwards, I never actually find it right away, it's always after panicking for awhile and searching! I always try to leave in the same door I came out of, but I still can't find my car. It's a panic thing for me, my heart starts racing as soon as I know it's time to go! So if you ever see me wondering aimlessly around the parking lot, I am not casing looking for my own!

2. If I am driving anywhere out of the city limits, I have to have a FULL tank of gas? Even if it's just 20 minutes away! lol I just always think, oh no, what if I break down and it's cold, I need the heat, or what if I get lost (which I do all the time), then I will need all that gas! lol

3. I snore. Nope, not just a cute little sigh in and out, full out HONKING snore! My husband tells me I belong in hunt camp with the guys, he says I would win any snoring contest with any man hands down! lol...When my first son was born, I was in a ward with 3 other ladies, and the nurses kept coming in and waking me up every 20-30 minutes, telling me I was snoring to loud and the other ladies couldn't sleep! LOL....I had my own room the next day, and when they saw me coming in with my second pregnancy, they gave me my own room right away! lol...I am laughing saying this, but it's awfully embarassing actually. I don't like sleeping anywhere but home because of this.

4. Every morning for breakfast I have to have my Bran Flakes, skim milk, and splenda. It doesn't matter what's offered to me, I just want my Bran Flakes! LOL I get downright cranky if I don't have them too! LOL Kinda like others drink coffee...and don't get their fix in the morning!

5. I can't create in a messy space. I always have to clean it up right after I am finished. It's like it clutters my creativity? Or perhaps I am just anal retentive? (be nice

6. Clowns SCARE me! People dressed as clowns, clown dolls, they all really creep me out!

Ok, there is a taste of how weird I am! lol....I am now tagging the following people so they can share their weirdness as well! lol No pressure ladies.....hmmmm....oh come on, you know you want to though! lol

Flowers, Jaqueline, Barbara, NormaB, Rein, and lastly Paula.

Thank you Audrey for instructions on how to post the clickable links! And for tagging me, this was fun!


audrey said...

Kim...yippee! so glad you got the links to work. I bet you will start linking everything now :o) I loved reading this post and i was dying of laughter. You are so cute and glad i tagged you to learn more about you.

p.s. will shoot you an email later.

Kathleen C said...

Kim, I totally identify with getting lost in the parking lot! Even if the spaces have identifying level, aisle, etc. numbers or letters, I inevitably forget or neglect to notice them.

Mary-Beth said...

You're not the only one who has a problem with clowns. The girl I work with is totally phobic about them in any shape or form.

audrey said...

hey you...had to come back and give you a hard time. Popcorn with a spoon? LOL

Kim said...

LOL..Holly just can't keep a secret can she, she had to tell on me! LOL....I do eat popcorn with a tablespoon. I am not sure why, but I have been doing it since I was a teenager? Just a bad calls it my shovel, and Holly just says it's cute! LOL


NormaB said...

Kim this was fun. I had to get help from my grandson to get the links on the side bar. Couldn't figure out how to put them at the end of the texted message.

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