Winners for the Stamp Giveaway!!!

Well, that was too much fun!! lol...Thanks to all who played and listed something weird about themselves! I laughed as I was reading all the comments! It was hard for me to think of ONE weird thing about myself, but after I thought of the one, I thought of many! LOL...Nope, I am not listing anymore of them though! LOL

Anyway, I have drawn 20 names as winners for listing a comment! Would the winners please contact me ( click on Email ME on the right hand side of my blog) with their mailing addresses so I can get your stamp(s) out to you! I am hoping to get them all out by the weekend!

1. Deb M.
2. Jeanie
3. Melanie K.
6. Mary-Beth
7. Heartfelt Greetings Girl
9. Peggy
10. Claudia
11. Doverdi
12. Ethel
13. Nancy James
14. JulieJ
15. Penny
16. Barbara
17. Gillian Hamilton
19. Carol H.
20. Karie P.

I have listed the names as you were signed in, or the signature you used after your comment. I hope this is enough info for you to figure out it's you! LOL

Thanks again for playing Ladies!!!


Gillian Hamilton said...

Woooo Hooooo thanks heaps Kim...
Your such a sweetie... can't add to my collection..
This was so much fun, and lots of hillarious weirdness... What a fun bunch of girls..It does one good to have a chuckle at yourself. from time to time... Hugs, Gill x

Anonymous said...

I feel like such a winner!!! I guess a weird winner would be more like it!
Thanks Kim!

Mary-Beth said...

Thanks Kim!!!

I really could add some more, but I won't! LOL

Nancy Maxwell James said...

oh my! I won! thank you!!! and the next time I eat "cold" chinese take out leftovers I will toast you with my chopsticks! :)

doverdi said...

Thanks Kim. I received my wonderful stamp in today's mail. I just LOVE it.

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