Tagged Again....

I have been tagged again by Julie . I am to name 7 unknown facts about myself! lol...Only 7?? LOL Here I go:

1. I eat my popcorn with a spoon (hate getting my fingers greasy)!! lol

2. I can't stamp in my space unless it is clean and organized. So if I made a mess last time I have to clean it up first! lol

3. I can't eat oatmeal or eat raw tomatoes, the texture of them in my mouth grosses me out.

4. I love the smell of coffee and sometimes make a small pot just to smell that aroma, but I hate the taste of it.

5. I don't like the dark.

6. I am deathly afraid of spiders.

7. I will not go in a restaurant by myself, I like the person to go with me or meet me outside.

Hmm...I must sound a bit nutty! But hey, that's me! LOL I think most everyone I know has told 7 things about themselves already, but if you are reading and haven't, I am tagging you!!

I am off to stamp a bit! Have a great evening!


Alicia said...

how fun to learn some "odd things" about you!!

I like that you make a pot of coffee just for the smell. :)

Alicia / crafy al

Pattyjo said...

My daughter is afraid of spiders too. I am working with her to overcome it. She is kind of funny about it sometimes

Anonymous said...

Ummm, ok, eating popcorn with a spoon? Kimmy dear, you are a NUT JOB! LMAO

You know I love you anyway!

Birdbrain said...

I will drink the coffee for you and we can turn on ALL the lights and scream at spiders together!

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