Exciting News for Me!

Last week I was approached by the manager of my store, and asked if I would be interested in a new position rolling out in 14 of our stores next week! I read all the information and YES I am SO interested! I went to training last week and am starting my new role as of today! I will be the Employee Experience Co-ordinator (EEC), my new job entails doing all the hiring for our store, and follow-up with all new employees for 6 months! This is a wonderful promotion, and a great opportunity for me! YEAH!!

Wish me luck!!! lol...I am going to need lots of it! lol


~Michelle~ said...

Congratulations!! :)

CresceNet said...
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'Bella and Gabe said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news! You are one very busy and very talented person!

~ Jennifer :)

Julie Mutch said...

Congrats, Kim! All the best with your new position, I know you'll do just great! :)

Give me a shout when you get a chance, we'll have to try to get together again soon. :)


Heather Grow said...

It sounds wonderful. Congratulations.

Birdbrain said...

So that's where you've been! congratulations, Kim!

Passionforstamping said...

Congratulations, Kim!


1 Crafty Gal said...

Congrats Kim!!! How exciting for you...but you better tell them you still need Karie time. ROFL! Awesome news!!!

Beth Norman said...

OMG Kim, I can't believe it. Awesome. It's so exciting. I have no idea how I missed this posting. I'm a subscriber but feel I'm not getting my subscription from you.

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