Merry Christmas Everyone!

Good Morning,

I just wanted to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! It is such a busy time of year, and we often get to busy to enjoy the simple things in life. So, I hope you can all slow down a bit, and just enjoy this special time of year with your loved ones!

We are enjoying our stay in Sudbury, with our family and friends! Lots of visiting, eating (yikes) and some drinking (not me, I am the designated It is amazing how things can change in a matter of 2 years, since we were last back home! All the kids are growing up, the city is building up, but somethings don't change at all, like sitting at home and playing cards with the in-laws! I am loving our stay, but have to admit I am looking forward to going home and settling back into "real life" again! lol I am missing my stamping.....I am so bad! lol

Well, I won't keep you long here....
Have a Merry Christmas, and all the Very Best to you in 2008!


~Michelle~ said...

Glad you're enjoying your holiday. I hear you about missing home and the stamping....a true sign of addiction, no?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Kim.......i had to come by and say Happy New Year! :o)

Tina said...

I wish you a Happy New Year!

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