More Blog Bling - Men in our lives...

Was thinking to myself, how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband! I was blog surfing and came accross Laurie's blog, and thought what a great idea she had, showing pics of the special man in our life.

My man is so good to me, he is always there for me, thru everything. I think some men may have bailed by now, but here he is! lol He treats me like a princess, and is always so supportive of anything I decide to do. He has taught me so much, to stand up and not be afraid to speak what's on my mind, to be strong, and make my own decisions. I love him dearly, and can't imagine life without him. So today I am posting a picture of the both of us to share with you all!

I challenge each of you to do the same! If you do, link it on my blog on this post, and I too will give away some blog candy! I will draw next Sunday, April 20, randomly. Not sure what the candy will be yet, but I will find something and post a pic of it when I do! I hope Laurie doesn't mind me using her idea! I would have pointed you all in her direction, but her blog candy draw is finished already. If you would like to post a pic of any of the men in your life, that would be great, it doesn't have to be your hubby, can be your Sons, Grandpa, Dad, any man who has been there for you in your life!
Good Luck everyone! And thank you for the inspiration Laurie!
Have a great day!


Birdbrain said...

Lovely picture, Kim! Here are the guys in my life.

1 Crafty Gal said...

Hey Kim! I posted the pictures of my boys too! Miss ya!!! ~~Karie

Julie Koerber said...

Hey Kim! I posted this for Laura's challenge, but I'll post my "man" here too!! I think it's fun for gals like us to share our "better halves!"

Hope all is well with you! You guys make a great lookin' couple!

Beth Norman said...

You two make a beautiful couple, Kim.

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