Good Morning!

Since I am still at home, I have been organizing a bit in my play room.  I came across a box of women stamps that I had tucked away for some reason.  Anyway, I have some gorgeous stamps that I haven’t even used yet, and thought I would make a card with one of them.  I didn’t know where I had gotten it, but alas, I asked my friend Flower and she said she had given it to me.  It’s from Rubber Stamp Ave. if anyone is interested.


Here is a close up so you can see all the shimmer.


When I stamped this image I was instantly in love with it!  It’s just so dreamy.  I coloured in the image with Copic Markers, then I went over alot of it with Shimmerz.  If you haven’t seen them before, OMGosh, you are in for a treat when you try them.  They are so sparkly, way more so than anything else I have tried.  I used Angelwings so you could see the colour under it.  I added a tiny Swarovski crystal on her forehead just because I thought it should be there! lol  I also coloured my Unicorn in, it just didn’t look right white.  After all it is my fantasy right? lol  I thought the sentiment Dream with your eye wide open, from Quietfire Design was the perfect saying to go with this card.   Then I added some punched flowers and bling from Kaisercraft in the middles.  I used the Martha Stewart punch on the one layer, I just love her border punches!  Urgh, please ignore the folded edge on this card.  It’s Bazzill bling cardstock and even though I used my Scor-pal, it didn’t score nicely.  I will have to cut it off and remount it.  That drives me crazy, so pretend you don’t even it see it ok? lol

Anyway, that is it for now!  I have been busy making other cards and things, but I can’t share them yet as they are for a design team assignment.  I am hoping to get some fun stamping done for no reason today though!

Have a wonderful day everyone,


Elaine A said...

Kim -
This is stunning! I have collected Unicorns for years. What a beautiful card and you have done a super job with it.

Elaine Allen

Dianne K. said...

OMG this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Kim, this is amazing!! Oh yes, very dreamy and beautiful and shimmery. Positively brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is stunning!!! I love how the camera picked up the shimmer...that adds so much more to the beauty!! Love the colors, the image, and the embellishing!!

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Oh Boy! Beautiful card!

I absolutely love horses and I
absolutely love this card!
It is so pretty!

Thank you for sharing!



Quietfire Style said...

Lovely work Kim!

Susan (rainy) said...

Kim this is beautiful. The touches of Shimmerz looks absolutely fabulous!!

Bev said...

Kim this is just stunning - I agree, the image is gorgeous and your colouring is just amazing! xx

manicstamper said...

What a treat for the eyes Kim. This is simply stunning.

Starr said...

WOW!!! This is just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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