Double Take Thursday!

Welcome to Double Take Thursday!

Today Beth Norman and I challenged each other to use a Tim Holtz stamp, distress ink, and an edge distresser. What fun I had with this one, and I promised myself I wouldn't look at Beth's til I uploaded mine! I can't wait to see what she came up with! This is our second week with the challenges. We will be taking a break next week as Beth will be out of town, but will be back with the challenges the following week!

I used all Tim Holtz stamps, except for the sayings, they are from CTMH. I used Cosmo Cricket papers, walnut stain distress ink on the edges, and versafine black for stamping the images. White embossing powder for the words. And I also used my signo white gel pen to accent a bit. I really love these kind of cards, shabby chic. It doesn't have to be perfect and you can really make them look old! All the edges of the layers were distressed with the edge distresser.

Be sure to drop over to Beth's blog to check out her card, that is where I am heading now! Be sure to check out Beth's great tutorials while you are there!
Thanks for the challenge this week Beth!!


Kim H. said...

Awesome! This is so cool! Note to self I need more distress inks!

Beth said...

Oh my, this card is so very elegant, if you can call Shabby Chic elegant. I love the colours you used, and the use of so many stamps. Yes, I had to laugh that we used the same stamp.



Suzy said...

So beautiful - I am diggin the vintage style big time! I need to get my hands on some TH stamps!

Lisa said...

Wonderful job!
The card has a great vintage feel to it!

'Bella and Gabe said...

Brilliant work! I love this collage-work. You've created a story with beautiful stamping and is great!

~ Jennifer :)

Julie Mutch said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

We need to get together soon for a crafty night! I'll be in touch! :)


Anonymous said...

Kim...this card is stunning. I love the colors.

All Pink girl said...

Beautiful card ,very stylish ,Dawnx

Anonymous said...

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