Sketch Challenge on Embellish-it Forum

Morning Everyone!

I am so behind here! I would like to tell you about a new challenge on the Embellish-it Forums! If you haven't joined yet, what are you waiting for! I am so proud to be on the design team with all the UBER talented ladies! The gallery is unbelievable!!! Anyway, I will copy the details to share with you! Please give the sketch a try, and upload in the gallery, so we can see your card! As a bit of incentive, if you come back and post a link to your sketch challenge card on my blog, I will have a draw on Saturday, and someone will receive some awesome BLOG BLING!

On my sketch card I used Basic Grey Wonderland and Santa Baby clear stamps, Basic Grey Figgy Pudding papers, all of these available at the Embellish-it online store!
Good Evening my fellow crafty creators! The newly established Design Team and I would like to introduce our very first SKETCH CHALLENGE created by one of our divalicious DT members: flaxychick (Michelle).

*Upload using the code: E-ISC01 with a C for Card

*Please do not feel limited by the sketches but WE would like to see the main design elements in your creations.

*Be sure to check our (the Design Team) blogs for more fun stuff...maybe one of us will be generous and ante up some candy!

I will also be posting the blogs of the design team members shortly, so you can check out how talented these ladies are!!!!

Thanks for playing along!


'Bella and Gabe said...

Kim, this is a super sketch and just the inspiration I need to get my mojo going. This will be fun to work on today. Thanks for the challenge! :)

~ Jennifer

Julie Mutch said...

What a beautiful card! I absolutely love the colours that you used. Isn't that Figgy Pudding paper to die for. Well, perhaps not to die for, but it's really nice. lol :) Gotta get my hands on a 6 x 6 paper pack.

Deborah said...

SUPER card Kim!

Anonymous said...

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