Blogger Problems

Well, this is so strange. Last week I noticed that I have word verification on my own posts. I replied to an email saying that my blog is NOT a spam blog. Then they went and blocked my blog so I couldn't post a thing? Now it's back to word verification? Sheesh, well, at least I can post now. I sure hope they get this figured out soon, as the letters you have to verify are sooooo hard to read!!

Has anyone else been having this problem? They keep saying my blog is a spam blog, but it's not! lol

Hopefully I will be back later to post some cards!! Wish me luck with blogger! lol

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Jennifer said...

Kim, I had a very similar problem earlier this week too. I can't figure out why it suddenly happened. I changed mine to word verification too and it seems to be ok now but I dislike using the word thing because sometimes those little letters are so hard to read. Oh well....let's hope you and I are back up and running again.

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