Do you like Copic Markers, and have them on your Christmas list?

Craft Kit selling for $35.00 Canadian, taxes included. (Works out to $3.88 a pen, great deal)
Wallet sets, selling for $80.00 Canadian, taxes included. Works out to $3.33 a pen, AWESOME deal)

My friend Kristy over at Scrapbooking Cafe Online just got in an order of Copic Ciao Markers, and is selling them at GREAT prices! She got in Wallets A, B, C and D. They include 22 markers each and 2 multiliners. Kristy is selling them for $80 Canadian, tax included! She also has the Kraft Kits of 8 with a multiliner, which are selling for $36 Canadian, tax included. She has the Primary, Baby, Pastels & Naturals in the Kraft Kits. Stop by her website if you are interested in ordering! You can go directly to the Copics if you click HERE. Hmmm....I will be heading over to Kristy's in a couple hours...need more Copics!! LOL

I actually have some cards and a project done!! I will take pictures shortly and put them up today. Thank you again for all your support in the past couple of weeks. I am doing much better and trying to play catch up with my Christmas cards now! lol

Have a wonderful day!

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