One day and it's over? lol

It seems like there is so much preparation for Christmas day, then it's over? It feels like a bit of a let down, but I am sure there are many who know what I mean. We had a very relaxing day today and had a bit of company, which was nice. Christmas day was awfully quiet with just Hubby and I this year, but it was nice to spend some time together alone as well. We sure miss all our kids though!

Anyway, I have some cards that I haven't had a chance to post yet, so here are a couple more. They are both done with the same Thomas Kinkade stamp, d/s tape and special Glitter Ritz glitter. They are both so sparkly in person it's amazing! You might see the glitter if you click on the pic to make it bigger.
Have a wonderful holiday season everyone!


manicstamper said...

Oh Kim.....these are beautiful.
I am a huge fan of Thomas Kincade and always have one of his pictures as my desktop background.....usually a Christmassy, snowy one....yes all year!!!

retiredheather said...

Wonderful cards Kim. It seems hard to imagine that we would ever miss the `noise`of our kids. Mine were home with us but they seemed to be always on the go and I missed the time with just family. It is hard to watch the babes leave the nest but....

Beth Norman said...

These cards are lovely. So pretty and elegant. Hope you have a happy new year!



Creative Mish said...

Very pretty! I love that glittery look!

Anonymous said...

Both cards are stunning but that blue one has the youre choice in basic grey papers and that stamp is amazing.

Wanda H said...

Kim, both cards are beautiful!!! Yep, I know what you mean... it already feels like Christmas was a long time ago.

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