Challenge Thursday - Post your challenge for me!

Morning Everyone,

Since Beth and I aren't able to do the double take challenge on Thursdays anymore, I thought maybe I would give something new a try! I will post either on Wednesday nights, or Thursday early, and you can all post a challenge for me. I will pick one challenge this is posted in the comments section, and post on Thursday evening. I will try to pick something that I have the supplies for of course, but other than that, the sky is the limit! challenge me, leave a comment on this post, and I will pick one later today (if anyone posts). If no one posts this week, I will make a card anyway! lol This will keep me stamping! lol

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing some great challenges!!!

Edited to add: There was only one comment left with a challenge, so I did do a black and white card. The only problem is, I just got a new computer, and try as I might, I can't get photoshop to work for me, so I can't crop or anything. I will try to get it up and running again in the morning...urgh...I feel so lost! I have Windows Vista now, and it's a learning curve, big time. Had to buy a new router, tomorrow I have to get a new printer. Both products were too old and I couldn't install them on Vista? This is costing alot!! lol

Anyway, thanks for your patience, will get it up somehow tomorrow!! And thanks for the challenge Jennifer, I love the look of black and white cards!


Jennifer E. said...

Hi Kim!
What about a black & white challenge?? No other colors for anything on your card, only black & white.
Just a suggestion. Good luck with your new challenges!

Michelle said...

Looking forward to see what you come up with

Julie Koerber said...

Kim, Sorry chickie! I have had such a huge week work - wise! I didn't want to suggest anything that I couldn't actually do!! I'll play if you ever do this again--Promise! Hope all is well with you! Have a great weekend!

Lesli said...

What fun idea!!! I will have to think hard on this one :)

Julie Mutch said...

Hi Kim!
Sorry I missed your challenge request, too! It's been a busy couple of days and I'm behind in my blog reading again! Doesn't take long! lol :)
Anyway, can't wait to see your black and white card when you get your computer up and running with Photoshop. Could you use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop your picture this time? Just a thought...we're all waiting to see your card! lol :)
Hope you're doing well, I'll chat with ya soon!


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