Went to a class yesterday....

About 6 years ago, I went to a watercolour with Tombows class in Montreal, and it was fantastic. So when I heard there was a class at the LSS, teaching this technique but a bit more advanced, I signed up right away. I thought I could brush up the technique, and learn some more tips and tricks. I have to say I was a bit disappointed. While the cards we made are pretty, and the stamps were gorgeous, I didn't learn anything new. I know the others in the class were just thrilled, because they had never done this technique before, so I know it's just me.
I didn't assemble my cards at the class, I came home and incorporated my own ideas. The deer one is a bit of a mess, because we were using paint brushes from the perfect pearls sets, not proper watercolour brushes, which will make all the difference in the world. I did buy this stamp and will make more cards with it though, it's a beautiful stamp from The Stamp Barn. We were supposed to use blue for the background, but there weren't enough blue markers, so of course, I chose lavender! I know....what a surprise! lol

The pointsettia card is beautiful in person, and I hope I can capture that in my pic. The first layer is just on plain thin white c/s. Then the image was stamped twice on vellum, and painted on the back. Then the 2 vellum layers were cut out and layered onto the white base. It's cool when you paint vellum, it natually curls. This card is so dimensional IRL. I really wanted to use a lighter feel of ribbon, but the only burgundy I had that matched was velvet, so that's what I The sentiment is from Quietfire Design, and the pointsettia is from The Stamp Barn. I made a boo boo on this card, on the bottom of the flower, usually you can get rid of it with a dab of water, but this was really light weight paper, and all I did was spread it instead of erase it...urgh! lol

Thanks for stopping by today!

Off to stamp some more.....


Jennifer said...

Kim, I bought those same two stamps last Christmas when I took an advanced Tombow class. I've seen your fabulous watercolor technique with Tombows so I can understand your frustration in hoping to learn new thing. Sorry it was not as you expected, however your cards are GORGEOUS (of course!) and I love how you've layed them out.

I have said it before and I still think YOU should teach the Tombow class. Your are so good!


Penny said...

I think the deer one is fabulous! I've never been to a class so I can't really comment but sorry you were a bit disappointed. I think they are wonderful anyway :)

Michelle said...

They both look so pretty. I love that velumn teqnique

retiredheather said...

I adore the poinsetta card. It is so lovely. Its hard to imagine that it is time to start planning for Christmas cards but it is. I started earlier but I really like how this card is made so I blieve I have a new addition to my wants list.
Retired Heather

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