Heard it thru the Grapevine....

LOL...the whole time I was making this card, I was singing that song in my head! I love that song....

Anyway, I have had this stamp for years, and it had never seen ink until today. It's from Holly Berry House, and the sentiment is from Amuse. I did learn something when making this card, it's a no no, but will get into that more in a minute!

I stamped and embossed the image with black embossing twice. I then coloured both images in, the bottom layer only has a colour base, no layers of colours. This card was made using the Tombow Watercolouring technique. I then layered the colours on the top layer. It looked awesome, honestly! BUT THEN, I decided hmmm....why not add some Diamond Glaze over the grapes to add some more depth. Well, there was my mistake. It took some layers of my painting off, leaving more of the base colour. I guess it looks ok....but not the deep colours like it started off with. I will learn from this mistake though! I then run the bottom image thru the cuttlebug with the nestabilities. I put pop dots on the top later and adhered to the bottom layer. This card is very dimensional, but I don't think I caught that with my picture. You can click on it to see it bigger if you like.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Deborah said...

I get to comment first...WOW!!! This is simply SPECTACULAR Kim!!

Beth Norman said...

Oh my gosh this jumps right off the page. It is stunning! You are so talented with Tombows. I have used Stickles over my watercolour and discovered it takes away some of the layering too. It's too bad, but I guess the watercolouring is a wonderful creation that doesn't need any extra touches.

Julie Mutch said...

Wow Kim, this is so cute! :) Beth is right, you're so talented at watercolouring...I'm gonna have to get you to teach me a few things some night we get together. I kinda chicken out of watercoluring a lot because I don't know the do's and don't about shading and highlighting, etc. I should take a class, I guess.

Anyway, great card and I love the purples...aren't we funny how we keep going back to our old favourites! I'm noticing that I'm back to using a lot of my blues and greens again... lol :)

Hope you're having a great weekend. My flu is finally going away, I feel about 90% better today thank goodness! Back to work tonight. I'll chat with ya soon! :)


retiredheather said...

Wish my mistake turned out as good as yours! I really like the way the grapes are colored. Before I read your comments I thought Wow what a great colorer.
Retired Heather

manicstamper said...

Kim it's just your work always is.

Huge apologies but I have tagged you. Details on my blog.


Birdbrain said...

They look good enough to eat! I have tegged you on my blog (blame Karie).

Birdbrain said...

I am a horrible typist.

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