Challenge Thursday - Post your challenge for me!

Morning Everyone,

It's Wednesday again, and time for you to challenge me! It can be colours, technique, style, whatever you like! As long as I have the product, I will do it! lol....Just leave a comment on this post with your challenge.

From all of the comments, I will pick one challenge tomorrow morning, and post my card later in the day Thursday.

Thanks to everyone who has been participating already, it's really been fun! I hope to see even more challenges this time, and I will try to incorporate more than one challenge in my card if possible!

Have a great day everyone,


Jennifer said...

Because I love to see you watercolor with Tombows, I'd love to see a floral design image watercolored with Tombows. :)

Jennifer E. said...

Hi Kim,

I challenge you to create a Masculine card! Can't wait to see what you pick!

Julie Mutch said...

Hummm, ok, my challenge for you this time is to make a card that's only black, white and hot pink. I'd like it to be an elegant card. Can't wait to see what kind of card you come up with. :)

Hope you're having a great day! I'll chat with ya soon! :)


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