Challenge Me Thursday - Post your Challenge

Good Morning,

It's Wednesday again, and I would like to invite you to challenge me to make a card! If you have a challenge you would like to issue me, (could be anything STAMPING RELATED, and there has to be stamping on the card), please leave a comment on this post. It could be a stamping technique, colour challenge, stamp company challenge, anything really as long as I have the supplies, I will try it! I won't be able to do any altered projects though, that takes more time than just a few hours, for me at least! lol

I will pick one challenge out of the comments, and post it by tomorrow evening, Thursday.

Also a bit about me. As many of you know I have been off work for about a month and a half. My diabetes went way out of whack, and I got quite sick. I started taking 2 different insulins to get it all under control. My blood sugars aren't quite regulated yet, but I am feeling 100% better. Today is my first day back at work!!!! YEAH!!! I am really excited about it, but a bit scared as well! I am only going back 2 days this week, and 3 days next week. I am taking it slow because I don't want to end up off work again. Stress can often make a person with diabetes sick. So....wish me luck today!!!!! I love my job, and really can't wait to go in and see everyone!!

Have a wonderful day today!!!
Drop back later to read my exciting news!!


Jennifer said...

Kim, I'll be thinking about you today on your first day back to work. Feel better soon!

Hope you and your family had a great Canada Day!

Jennifer E. said...

Kim, How about a one layer challenge for this week?

Flower said...

How about no layers and no embellishments? *bwahahaha*

Birdbrain said...

Glad you're feeling better, Kim. I'll add to flower's challenge - what she said PLUS no purple and no swirls!

Deborah said...

I'm with Jennifer, how about one layer naked stamping, no embellies, no ribbon?

Michelle said...

I'm thinking something patriotic and with glitter :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better

Sara said...

Hi Kim! It was great to see you at work today!

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