My son Mike and his new bike!

My son Mike just got his new motorcycle on Thursday, and he is so excited to finally get it! He has been wanting a bike forever, and decided it was time to do it. I told him I was worried about him having one, but he promised me he would drive safely, and buy a good helmet! I know he is an adult, but I still worry, you know how Mom's are! lol
Anyway, I just wanted to share these few pictures of Mike on his bike! If you are reading this Mike....always be safe ok? I can't wait to see pictures of your journeys, this is a new beginning! You know what I mean.
Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Kim, please tell your son from me that his bike is beautiful! How exciting! I know motorcycles can be scarey, but they are a lot of fun too and from all you've said about your son, he sounds like a mature, level headed young man who will take his new ride seriously as far as safety is concerned. None of this will mean much to him, coming from an "old gal" like me, but I just got my first bike this summer and I'm lovin' it...even at my advanced age! LOL.

He looks GREAT!

Thanh said...

Jennifer is always so wise! It's like she's stolen the words out of my mouth. They definitely can be scary, but I love them! There's also something so sexy about a man on a bike... so you can tell him from me, hey hot stuff. LOL

Anonymous said...

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Beth Norman said...

I know it is tough for you to love his new bike. I'm sure he'll be fine. Great looking bike!

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