Challenge Me Thursday - Post your Challenge

Hi Everyone,

It's that time again! Please post your challenge for me! As long as it includes stamping and it's a card, I will try it (if I have the supplies). I will pick one challenge tomorrow morning (Thursday), make a card and post it tomorrow evening!

The challenge can be a technique challenge, stamp company challenge, colour challenge...the sky is the limit here!I look forward to seeing what you come up with this time! Last weeks was especially a beautiful summer day!



Birdbrain said...

Hmmm . . . Where is everybody tonight? How about this? Make a card with an animal on it.

Michelle said...

How about something that has sewing and ric rac??

Penny said...

Hi Kim, just to say I've sent you an email just in case it goes in the spam this time!!

leu2500 said...

It seems to be Christmas in July on all the blogs this week, so how about a Christmas card?

Julie Mutch said...

Humm, my challenge for ya is to make a card that's all blue. No other colours, but you can use as many different shades of blue as you like!

You know how much I love blue so I know I'm gonna love what you come up with ! lol :)

It was so nice to see you on Monday night, so glad you could make it over. I'll chat with ya soon!


Paula said...

Hi Kim - How about making a card with using at least 5 stamps (all different,of course!)?

Barb said...

Kim how about a button challenge! I know where you can find examples :-)!

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