I was going to be BAD!!! lol

Well, a couple weekends ago, there was a used stamp sale at the LSS  so I loaded up a big bag of stamps that I haven't used forever, some even new. I kinda forgot about it! I went into the store to pick up a couple things (probably alot more than a couple), and Dejah reminded me of the stamp sale, and handed me a gift certificate for all the stamps she sold for me! YEAH!!!! Here I planned on spending money, and I got everything free....well, not free, but you know what I mean!! And I still have almost half of my gift certificate left! I picked up some gorgeous papers, ink jet vellum, gesso, clear spica glitter pen, stickles, 2 punches, 5 Amuse stamps, and 1 inkadinkado stamp! I know it doesn't sound like much, but these things really add up! lol

Thanks for stopping by, and I will have some cards for you to see later!


Anonymous said...

I'm just now yesterday's post and before I read what you said I was thinking how much I liked that card and believe me - I"m hard to please!! So quit beating yourself up!

Kimberly Miller said...

That sounds like SO much fun. I love the kind of shopping spree where you don't have to spend outofpocket money - *grin*. I think I'll have to move closer to the Dartmouth/Halifax area so I can visit Dejah's store. It sounds wonderful. Does she have a website for outofstaters like Me.

by the way - really love your blog.


retiredheather said...

Let me introduce myself Kim, I think I probably bought most of your stamps so thanks so much. I live in NB and went down for my 2 day of classes with Dejah and had a blast and came home happy but much lighter in the wallet. Take care of your sons and say hi to Dejah from me. I love her store and she and all her staff are fantastic. For all other readers, yes Dejah does mail our orders.

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