Blog Candy!!!!

Evening Everyone!

First, let me thank you all for coming and visiting my blog, and for your wonderful comments! It is so nice for us to all be able to share our love for rubberstamping and cardmaking! So many of you have been so encouraging, and I just wanted you to know that it has meant the world to me!

Second, thank you so much for being so patient! I finally had a chance to scan (I took some lousy pics, oh what a surprise! lol ) of the 2 prizes that I have for the blog candy!

To enter for the blog candy giveaway, just answer the following question, leaving a comment on this post.

Tell us about 1 of the funniest or most embarassing moments in your life. LOL I have many of these to choose I am hoping you all have at least one! lol

I will close the giveaway on Monday July 2nd at midnight my time (Atlantic), and will randomly pick 2 winners on Tuesday afternoon and announce it then. I am going to try and find out where everyone does their random # winners, and do it that way!

So......GOOD LUCK everyone!!!! Can't wait to laugh with you all! I will even post one of my moments below! lol

:) Kim

Prize #1: Unmounted plate from Articus Studios, K & Co. Metal Art, Package of Collage Papers.

Prize #2: Unmounted plate from Pink Cat Studios, K & Co. Metal Art, Scrapbook Rivets and Prima ribbon with flowers.

Ok, here goes! One of my many most embarassing

While living in Calgary, I was asked out on a date by a Police Officer. He was such a cutie, and I was SOOOO nervous about going out with him. He took me out for a beautiful dinner, then asked if I would like to go see a movie, I said sure. We got to the theatre and were getting out of the car, and OMGosh, I slammed the door shut, ON MY FINGERS!!!! I was crying so hard, and I think I screamed! He came running over, and first reaction, tried to pull my fingers out, he then realized that wouldn't happen and had to UNLOCK and OPEN the door to get them out! He asked if I was going to be ok, I said sure, as I am wiping my tears So we get in the theatre, and I get a cup of ice to put my fingers in, and we go start watching the movie. About 1/3 of the way thru he had a look at my fingers, and decided he best take me to the hospital. Fun fun....I broke 2 Nice first date hey? I was mortified that I had done with on a date with a COP! lol Good news though, we ended up seeing each other for quite it wasn't all THAT bad! lol

Can't wait to hear more of your stories!


Yeah, I really did stamp today!!

LOL....How often do I say I am going to stamp, then something comes up? OFTEN! lol...But today I really did get to stamp! I made 4 cards (well, 5 if you count the one I am going to's I did 2 cutesy ones and 2 more my typical cards! I have to say it felt so good to get back to it today. I had no idea I missed it as much as I had. I just want to keep going...ahhh...but gotta work in the morning, so best not be doing that! I also didn't use purple or pink how amazing is that! lol....Oh be nice
I also wanted to say thank you to Paula W. Paula does such amazing cards and she has inspired me in so many ways. I didn't realize I had made 2 of these cards using the same stamps and papers as she did, that means her cards really stuck in my head! They are still different than hers, but I just noticed this and thought I should point that out! lol
I will give stamp credits tomorrow evening. I am going to check my email and pick out a stamping magazine and read for a bit before falling asleep! lol
Thanks for stopping by!

Pictures from back home

My son Shawn Dad and Mom
My son Mike and his girlfriend Deb.
Shawn and his cousin Andrew.
Mike and Deb
Hannah, Shawn and I (Hannah was Shawn's Prom Date)
Shawn - ready to go
Close up of Shawn

I was back home in Vernon, B.C. for a couple weeks! My youngest son graduated, he finished school in February, but it was his official graduation at the end of May. It was a beautiful day, everything was perfect! My camera was giving me some grief so I don't have any of him in his cap and gown, will get those from the school. But here are some pics of the special day and of both my boys, Mike (the oldest) and Shawn (my youngest). Also a pic of my Dad Mom. I can't believe how much warmer it was there than it is back east! Their flowers were in full bloom, and we didn't even have leaves on our trees yet! lol....But there were leaves when I arrived back home! I had the best time ever spending time with my boys and family....I hope to go back soon to see them! Mike lives in Fort McMurray, AB, and Shawn is living in Vernon for now, so it's harder to get to see them both at the same time, but what can you do! I will have to make more trips! LOL

Miss You

I know I have been slack on my blog, life has been busy! I am planning on stamping all day though, so hopefully I will have more to share with you later today! I also was away visiting my family out in BC for a couple weeks, and have a few pics to share with you! I promise to get on that later this afternoon after stamping! lol

This is a really simple card I made to do in a class. I am going to be teaching 2 harder cards, so this will be the last card and the fastest on to make! I have to say I am loving the Hero Arts birds! I need like I NEED another stamp! lol....It's a sickness I tell ya! lol I painted in the bird with radiant pearls, so it shimmers very nicely irl. I also used the cuttlebug for the background and one of the scalloped circle punches, the next size down from the biggest! lol I completely forget to scan the cards I made, but Dejah scanned this one for me and sent it along. Thanks Dejah!

I sure have missed you all, and happy to be back in the land of blogging once again! LOL

Have a great morning!
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