Naughty/Nude Swap

I made this card for a swap I hosted called Naughty/Nude Swap. The cards were wonderful! I am thinking everyone had alot of fun doing them! I sure did! I really like the bright vivid colors on this card. Will upload more later today! TFL!


Saturday Challenge!

Before I go do a few things and start stamping, I thought I would issue a challenge to anyone who checks my blog today! lol....Use a stamp you have never used before! I know we all have plenty of those in our stashes! So lets see what we can do! I will be doing this today and will upload my card when it's done!

Have fun Ladies!!!

Update: I am so bad! It's Wednesday now and I have finally finished my card for Saturday! lol...What can I say...I just wasn't inspired!

This stamp was given to me by my best friend Holly, for my birthday in June! And I hadn't used it yet! So here is my card! The image is from Rubber Romance, I just love their Diva images!


Every Step you take...

Another card using Paperbag Studios and Purple Onion Designs, kinda meant to go along with the baby shoes and card! Same color theme anyway! Just thought I would share with you!

Back to stamping!

Just playing around...

I know I should try the Faux Postage technique, but for now this is as far as I will get! LOL...The main stamp is from Stampland, and the letter as well. Background from SU, and numbers from Ma Vinci! Not my usual colors to work with, as you can probably tell by now! But it was fun to make! TFL!!!

Sweet Pea Card and Mary Jane Shoes

I decided to try something I have never done before! Work with a dimensional template! lol...It was alot easier than I thought it would be! The shoes are from a template by Stampington. The Sweet Pea card is done using main image from Paperbag Studios, and Purple Onion Designs. The shoes are done with K. and Co. papers and Purple Onion Designs paisley stamp. And of course Primas! Gotta love those flowers! lol... I submitted this set to a magazine for a Baby theme, but it wasn't used. I have to admit I am getting very discouraged, but in all honesty, the magazine I had been submitting to doesn't have alot of stamping in it, and is more a cutesy style. I have submitted a huge envelope to Stampington though, am hoping they might think some of my work may be good enough for one of their magazines? I guess you just never know until you try, right? lol I think as a stamper, this is one of the hardest things to do, submit! Any words of wisdom from anyone? Any hints or tips? lol

Thanks Ladies!


Some of my favorite cards and Atc's.

I was just going thru my scans, and found these cards, they are some of my favorites, so I thought I would share with you! I stamped a few things today, but haven't finished any of them yet! I ended up goofing around on the computer! Guess I should finish up those cards soon! lol I am doing a small series, of Cowgirl/Cowboy cards! They are fun cards! Hopefully they will be uploaded this evening!

Hope your all having an inspiring day today!


I just couldn't sleep tonight!

Well, I tried to go to body is tired, but my mind just doesn't want to stop, so I finally got up and did a bit of stamping! Maybe now I will be able to sleep! I think I best stop reading stamping magazines in bed....LOL They just get me thinking and planning what I want to try the next day.....and I can't sleep! I am turning into a night owl! So here is what I did come up with tonight...the main image is from Stampsmith, it's a photostamp. Background is the most awesome scrapbook paper from Cosmo Cricket...I LOVE this stuff! Then I used a scroll from Purple Onion Designs and the sentiment is from SU! I am off to bed....sweet dreams to everyone!


Thank you!

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to thank the people that come to look at my blog and to those who leave comments! It's all very much appreciated!! It's so nice to hear what others think of your work....

I am hoping to get some stamping done this afternoon, so hopefully I will be posting some more cards later today!

Thanks Everyone!!!!!!


My First Scrapbook Page

On one of the groups there was a challenge issued to make a scrapbook page about yourself. So I thought about it, and figured, why not! lol....I have never scrapbooked before, and this was a huge challenge! That is alot of space to cover! lol Anyway, here is my page, the colors didn't scan properly and I did end up inking the edges but haven't rescanned yet...maybe later! Be gentle with me.....remember it's my first! lol I think I am going to be sticking to stamping though, I find it alot more relaxing.


Ever make a card you just aren't sure about?

Well, I do it all the time! lol...But today I did this card, and have honestly redone it about 3 times! Sometimes I just don't know when to leave well enough alone! lol....This was done for a magazine challenge. We were asked to pick out any card out of a stamping magazine and do our own take on the card. Now, the only thing this card seems to have in common with the one I picked out anymore, is the ribbon on the bottom, and the color scheme! lol...That is how much I have changed it! And to top it all off, I thought I would try my hand at stitching again, and I didn't have the same luck! Oh well, I did try to cover up my biggest mistakes! LOL

Does everyone else experience this? Or do I just get to carried away with trying to make things perfect and then they get ruined? LOL

Have a great evening!! :)


I Miss You

I have been missing my best friend Holly so much, that I thought I would make her a card tonight! It's been awhile since I have sent her anything, and she has been spoiling me with her beautiful cards lately! So it's time! lol I also am doing a challenge with a lady from another board and the challenge was to use the main image stamp, by Paperbag Studios! So I made 2 cards pretty much the same, just the sentiment is different! I have been in a bit of a rut lately...trying to pull myself out and start creating more often! Urgh....I guess it happens to everyone! lol Have a great long weekend everyone!!
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