Queens Dresser Drawers

I was lucky enough to get a few stamps from this company, and I just LOVE them! I submitted them to a magazine under a certain theme, but the theme is not going to happen now, so I thought I would share the cards with you! I had alot of fun making them! And they are gorgeous stamps!! Can't wait to get more! lol The backgrounds were done with Purple Onion Designs and Stampin' UP! I have a few more done with these stamps sent out for submissions! I hope they do get in!


Christmas Card Classes

Wow, time does fly doesn't it? Already it's time to start thinking of Christmas cards!! These are some of the cards I will be teaching in classes up in New Glasgow at the Scrapbook Depot. We aren't quite sure of the dates yet, but you check the website for updates, link is on the right of my blog! All main image stamps are from Artful Stamper. The Christmas Bauble won't be taught this season as it was done last year, but wanted to keep the sample up for other classes I am teaching! There are a couple more cards to come for The Scrapbook Depot, we will be doing 2 classes of Artful Stamper Christmas cards! I will upload them when I am finished making them!

I have been noticing people posting their Christmas cards already, so I guess I best get with it and get my own started! I always say I will do them early, then end up rushing to get them done towards the end of November! lol....Hopefully this year I will get them done earlier than that! lol

Where do you find your inspiration?

I was thinking about this all morning and decided I would post this question to you all! I find my inspiration looking at online galleries, blogs and magazines! Sometimes if I am not feeling inspired at all, I will pick one stamp and make myself use it! lol, sometimes the results are ok, sometimes they aren't, but at least I am trying to get my creative juices flowing once again! lol

A few of my favorite places to look are, Stampsmith galleries, Paperbag Studios galleries, Two Peas. I love the collage look, and you can see alot of that in the Paperbag Studios gallery. The design teams work is amazing!!!

If you have time, please post a comment telling us who or what inspires you!

Thank you!!!


Finally figured out how to change the settings

Well, I have finally figured out how to change the settings so that everyone can leave comments! Thank you to those of you who let me know they couldn't leave comments! It should work ok now! If not, please email me to let me know!!

Thank you!

Pink Challenge

There was a pink challenge posted on another board, so I thought for once I would take part! I never seem to have enough time for fun stuff! But things have slowed down alot, so I am going to have alot more fun with my stamping. You know how sometimes you get overwhelmed with things we HAVE to do? lol...I even signed up for a few swaps and am hosting a couple! I love doing swaps, there is always so much inspiration! Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!! BTW, the main image stamp is Paperbag Studios, scrolls are from Purple Onion Design, and Cherish is from Heidi Swapp.


It's been a few days!

Well, it's been a few days since I have posted anything on here! I have an awful mess to clean up on my stamping table, then I am planning on spending the rest of the day creating! lol...I really don't like it when I leave such a mess, but I just haven't felt the urge to clean it up since I made the mess! lol I even took pics so you can see how awful it is! lol...But I sure had fun!! lol off I go to clean....hopefully will have some work to show you a bit later! lol


What is your favorite stamp company?

I was wondering what stamp company is your favorite? If you have a favorite company, please leave a comment telling which company and why they are your favorite! There are just so many great images out there! So please share your thoughts with us!

Thank you!

More Stampsmith!! lol

How can you tell I just love Estelles stamps! Here are a few more that have been created in the past little while! I hope I have inspired you to go check out The Stampsmith online, the link is on the right! lol Not afilliated, just a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER! lol

Asian Cards

I was given some Asian stamps and asked to work with them. This is what I came up with. I do love the Asian look, but find it's something that I am not the best at. At least I did get a few done!

The Geisha lady and background are all done with Twinkling H2O's.

This card was gold embossed on shimmer, then bleached inside the leaves to turn the leaves colors. I just love working with shimmer cardstock!

This card was done with Lyra Watercolor Crayons! Fast and easy!

The card below was done with the Resist technique and overstamping. I learned about this one from a book called Texture Effects by Nancy Curry. If you haven't read the book, I would suggest you do! It's a lovely book with so many great techniques and gorgeous artwork!

I stamped the background of this card with bleach before I embossed anything. It still looks a bit bare to me, but I don't know what else to do with this one, so I will leave as is! lol

Stamp Zia Card

Well, I just got back all the cards I had submitted to a magazine and this was amongst them. I entered this card into a contest called Evolution of Rubber Stamping for the magazine Simply Sentiments. This card won! I was so excited! I am not sure why it wasn't published, but it was announced in the magazine. Anyway, this card was made with a collage stamp from Stamp Zia! She has such gorgeous images! It was all colored in with Lyra Metallic Pencils and added a touch of glitter here and there, and some glaze on the butterfly. I cut some portions out with an exacto knife and layered it on glossy copper. The card got a little banged up in it's travels, but you get the general idea!

Hope everyone is having a great day today!

Contest Card

I entered this card into a card making contest. Although this card didn't win, it was chosen as a finalist. It was alot of fun to make, I am liking collage stamping more and more all the time! This was the first time I played with the Basic Grey Notch Tool, and I am loving that too! And again, it's another Paperbag Studios card! lol I am HOOKED!


New Paperbag Studios Stamp

A lady from another group and I challenged each other to use this stamp from Paperbag Studios! The girl stamp is Lulu. If you haven't checked out the 2 new plates from Paperbag Studios, you should! They are awesome!!! This stamp is from the Dreamer plate.

I am trying hard to do more collage stamping! But sometimes, to my eyes, it just looks a mess! lol...I will keep doing it til I get it right!

Off to do some more stamping!

A few Stampsmith Cards

Here are a few Stampsmith cards made with the instructions below. I have also added a link to The Stampsmith site on the right hand side! I tell ya, once you start, you will never stop! Photo Stamps are addictive! lol

Paperbag Studio cards

I have to tell you, I just love this line of stamps! I think Stampsmith and Paperbag Studios are my favorites! Here are some of the cards created using Paperbag Studios stamps!

Ok, it's going to take some time....

LOL, I am trying to figure Blogger out and how to upload and put things where I want them, it's going to obviously take some time! For now I will upload a few more cards that were published in Simply Sentiments magazine. I am so excited to actually get my hands on the magazine. So here are some of the cards that were chosen for the Aug/Sept. issue.

Stamping Stuff

I have been trying to challenge myself to try new things with my stamping, so last week I created my first stitched card! It was fun, so I will definitely be doing that again soon! I have also been trying to get different ideas together for classes this fall. I am going to do a masterboard class for The Scrapbook Depot, this will be fun! We will be using 2 different images from the masterboard to create 2 cards. This will be done using the Faux Batik Technique. I guess trying new things all the time is what keeps me so interested in the Stamping world!


Hi There!

This is my first post on the new blog! I decided to have a blog dedicated to my love for stamping. I will try to update often, and post new work! Grab a cup of coffee, and have a look around.
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