Happy Halloween

Ok, I have to admit, I have never made a Halloween card before! lol...I even had to borrow a stamp to do one! (Thanks Mindy!). So here is the card I made....I had a hard time even making this! This scan isn't the best, the colours aren't true.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! Have a spooktacular day!



Barbara said...

Hard to believe that is a stamp, neat image.

Paula said...

Blimey...I'd have never have thought it was a stamp either - wonderfully done.

Anne said...

No Way??!!! That's a stamp?? Amazing!! I just love how you've shaded it - a fantastic Halloween card Kim!

audrey said...

Kim...this is gorgeous. I love the stamps and i love how the pumpkins look lit up inside....awesome!!!

Marty Weil said...

the stamp is very remaniscent of old holloween ephemera...at first glance that is what I believed it to be...such a neat look.

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