Some of my favorite cards and Atc's.

I was just going thru my scans, and found these cards, they are some of my favorites, so I thought I would share with you! I stamped a few things today, but haven't finished any of them yet! I ended up goofing around on the computer! Guess I should finish up those cards soon! lol I am doing a small series, of Cowgirl/Cowboy cards! They are fun cards! Hopefully they will be uploaded this evening!

Hope your all having an inspiring day today!


~~~Drama Queen's Mom~~~ said...

Awesome cards!

How did you do the dragonfly? They are so very pretty. you need to come down to my part of the country to teach :O)

audrey said... have outdone yourself. Every single one of these is just gorgeous. So much eye candy to look at :o)

J@cqueline's craft nest said...

Absolutely breathtaking! These are gorgeous, all of them. I also love the dragonfly card - it is fabulous Kim!

Barbara said...

My goodness Kim each one is better than the next. I loved seeing all of these, such a treat. these are all just amazing. TFS

Flo said...

just discovered your blog tonight - I have had a good read and will definitely check often - you do some stunning work.

I have a bit of a cowboy/cowgirl obsession, so if you do ever upload those cards I will be sure to have a peek!

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