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Here are some pictures of the second week of our vacation with Mom and Dad. We went to Cape Breton, but it was a tiny bit of a rush visit as we had hurricane warnings at home, and Dad and Mom had to chance their flight and it cut their visit 3 days short. We still wanted to go on the Cabot Trail, so we just did an overnight trip! It's really have to see it with your own eyes though, our pictures don't do it any justice!

First stop along the way was the Glenora Distillery. Hmmm....there is a theme happening here...brewery then distillery! lol And I don't even drink! Anyway, it was just so beautiful and serene there. This is a photo of the restaurant part of the compound. I just love the greenery.
The stream in front of the restaurant and behind the distillery.
Inside the distillery.

Bottoms up! lol You would think they would have stopped at one, but, NO! They had to go back for more! lol
Then we got to the town of Cheticamp. We spotted this gorgeous church and had to stop. What a beautiful site.
The organ was amazing, I only wish we could have heard it.
This is a view from the balcony of the church. It is truly breathtaking.

These are pictures from along the Cabot Trail.

We were driving along and suddenly see Mama moose and her baby! I just had to get out of the car and take a picture. I was literally standing just on the other side of the guard rail from them. I was a bit nervous because I know moose do charge. BUT, there were others that climbed over the guard rail to take pics.....a bit crazy I think! lol They are awesome to see that close though!
After driving for 10 hours, we arrived in the quaint town of Baddeck. We had a wonderful evening there. We walked down to the legion, they all had a couple beer, and we all played a bit of pool. Then we went back to our hotel restaurant and enjoyed an exquisite meal with a very talented gentleman playing guitar and singing.
This is the view off our balcony at the hotel.

The restaurant at the hotel.
We then went for a walk and went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Wow, I never realised how much Mr. Bell had invented, and all that he taught. I was seriously amazed and would love to go back there soon! Below is a picture of the lighthouse in Baddeck. This is the lake that Alexander Graham Bell's airplane first flew over in the dead of winter. I believe it was the first flight in Canada.
Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing this time with me! I just had such a fabulous time. My husband was so patient with all of us, and stopped wherever we wanted. I am very lucky to have him in my life! It was an awesome time for all of us!

Have a great evening!



Jennifer said...

Oh my! Kim these photos are positively breathtaking! What a wonderful trip this must have been (despite being cut short). Thanks so much for being a great virtual tour guide with these wonderful photos!

Jennifer :)

manicstamper said...

OK......I am green with envy!!!
What a stunning country you live in Kim.
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics, Kim! Thanks for sharing!! :)

evafromca said...

Beautiful pictures. Looks like it was such a wonderful vacation!

retiredheather said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty of Atlantic Canada with the rest of the world.
Hillsborough N.B.

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