These are too funny!!

I saw this on another Canadian's blog and thought it was too funny not to share with you! I also found another, and I had to laugh, because I have done it before! lol It's been snowing in some parts of Canada, but thankfully it's been rather nice here on the east coast. I am not quite ready for the winter months yet. I do have some cards to share, but waiting for the sun to come up to take pictures!

Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! I just about spit my coffee on the computer screen. This is hysterical!

Thanks for my morning giggle. I hadn't seen this before and it is too, TOO funny! :)

Flower said...

I lmao at the first one, but then that 'Awwww, man' factor hit me with the second! LOL Thanks for sharing these!

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