I have a new friend......

Well, I had to return a paper trimmer today and get it replaced as I broke the clear strip that holds the paper in place. So I went to M's and did that. On the way home I thought I would quickly stop by Photo Memories (scrap and stamp store). I really just went in to see if they had any new stamps, and they did! lol...So I picked up a set of Inkadinkado clear stamps, then went to the counter. Guess what they had on display??? Well, you will probably never guess, so I will tell you! The Making Memories SLICE!!!!! Oh boy, it was calling out my name, begging me to buy it!! They just got them in and hadn't even played with them yet. I bought The Slice (my new friend) and 2 more cartridges, came home, plugged it in to charge, and I have already been playing with it! Talk about simple to use, it also cuts like a charm! When they preordered them, the Canadian dollar was high, and they received great pricing. BUT, with the dollar once again being low, the next order The Slice will be about 60 dollars more? The second he said that, I made up my mind and knew I had to have it! I also had 2 - 20% off coupons, and 1 - 10% off coupon. So in the end I bought The Slice, 2 extra cartridges, 1 set of stamps, cheaper than I will be able to buy The Slice when it comes in again. Can you say Happy Stamper??? LOL That's me tonight!

My husband has been away for a few weeks for work, and he flies home tonight! YEAH! It will be so nice to have him home again. I am working tomorrow though, and he is working all weekend. Even though it will be a busy weekend for him, I sure love knowing he is at home at night with me! Looks like I will have some creative time too!

Sorry about my ramblings tonight, I am just excited about my man coming home and my great deal today!!

I will take a picture of my new friend tomorrow afternoon!
Have a great evening!


Julie Mutch said...

That's great that Peter's coming home tonight. Hopefully you can both find some time between your schedules soon to spend some time together! lol :)

Wow, awesome deal on the Slice! I bet you're having fun playing with it, can't wait to get a personal demo from you! lol :)

Have a great weekend and I'll chat with ya next week!


Beth Norman said...

Awesome deal. I'm so happy for you.

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