I miss my photostamps!

Good Morning,

I was sitting here this morning thinking that I really miss doing photostamp cards. I think this is what I will be pulling out today and working with. I am posting a couple cards I haven't shown on my blog yet, they are some of my favorites from The Stampsmith. They are so easy to work with, but I get so caught up with other stamps, that I kind of forget that I even have them? Do you all do this too? Time to dig them out! lol
Enjoy your day!


Flower said...

Oldies, but greaties!
Love them!
I'm photostamp challenged, as you know. 10 stamped, 1 decent image. lol I look at them a lot though...does that count?

Kimmy said...

How pretty! I am also Photostamp challenged:) Please check my blog today I nominated you for an award.

Dianne K. said...

Great cards, Kim. Your photostamp images always come out so well! I guess I'm challenged in this area too!

manicstamper said...

I don't have many but I lurrrrrrrve photo stamps.
Your cards are always Kim.

Jennifer said...

Fantastic! Oh I love these. I never have the knack for using photostamps properly, but you sure do, Kim! Oh and the Lucille Ball card is wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Kim, I forgot to mention but hope you'll accept a KREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD that I've left for you on my blog. Your work is always so inspiring to me and I wanted to extend to you this award to post on your blog, if you care to.

Big hugs from me to you!

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