Where do you find your inspiration?

I was thinking about this all morning and decided I would post this question to you all! I find my inspiration looking at online galleries, blogs and magazines! Sometimes if I am not feeling inspired at all, I will pick one stamp and make myself use it! lol, sometimes the results are ok, sometimes they aren't, but at least I am trying to get my creative juices flowing once again! lol

A few of my favorite places to look are, Stampsmith galleries, Paperbag Studios galleries, Two Peas. I love the collage look, and you can see alot of that in the Paperbag Studios gallery. The design teams work is amazing!!!

If you have time, please post a comment telling us who or what inspires you!

Thank you!!!


Barbara said...

I find my inspiration everywhere. 1. From a person I am designing for is my favorite way.
2. Magazines it doesn't have to be a crafting magazine. It may the colors they have used, a picture etc.
3. Stamp is another favorite way of inspiration.
4. Two Peas, Blogs, trying a new BG technique is also another favorite way to get started.
5. Challenges on the internet.
6. Wednesday Stamper is my new favorite place.
7. Different PP

Steadywinds said...

Hi Kim,

I usually find my inspiration in something beautiful. I try and seek beautiful things, great music, enviornment. I try and get my self into a very creative mood using food, music, people, art, etc... then I hop on one foot and pray (you don't have to do that last part that's just ..err..well crazy)

I guess what I am trying say is ..I find it very helpful to switch from the task at hand (trying to get inspired about a kite I want to make) and focus on something complete different but equally creative... things just flow from there..

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