New Paperbag Studios Stamp

A lady from another group and I challenged each other to use this stamp from Paperbag Studios! The girl stamp is Lulu. If you haven't checked out the 2 new plates from Paperbag Studios, you should! They are awesome!!! This stamp is from the Dreamer plate.

I am trying hard to do more collage stamping! But sometimes, to my eyes, it just looks a mess! lol...I will keep doing it til I get it right!

Off to do some more stamping!


Jenny L. said...

I think this looks fantastic. I love the colors, and that stamp is so cute. I'm off to look at PBS. Thanks!
(Jennerator @ 2Ps)

Nancy James said...

awesome work! I am so enjoying your blog this morning. beautiful work !!! hope you don't mind but I am adding you to mine. love your stuff!

Paula said...

Its a gorgeous card.....I should know as I have it!!
Love your style Kim!

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