Challenge Card

It seems the only time I am posting cards lately is when there is a challenge! I must get with it and stamp more! I do want to stamp, just somehow always end up doing something else....urgh....what can I say! lol

This weeks challenge was to stamp on patterned paper. I love doing that, so I had fun with this one! All stamps are Paperbag Studios, except the background, it's Stampin'Up!. I really wanted to do more layers, but this time I stopped myself! LOL....I just have a thing for lots of layers, my card seems bare to me without them. I don't think doing less layering will last for

Thanks Ladies!


leenda said...
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leenda said...

This is my first visit to your blog. What a great find! Your artwork is creative & inspirational. I really like that you use stamps other than Stampin Up!!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh I love this Kim... She is so beautiful... Your such an inspiration to me...Thankyou..

Lisa (sunnybunny) said...

Hi Kim! This is the first time I have ever left a comment on a blog. Don't you feel honoured? ;-)This is a great blog - it's awesome to seee all of your work in one place and I'll be making a point of visiting more often to keep up to date.

Since you're giving stamps away I felt bold enough to overcome the one thing I would change about myself -fear. If I could change one thing that would be it. To be more easygoing, less uptight, worry less. Ok, that sounded like 3 things but they are actually all the same thing - the source is fear. So there, I am working on it.

Actually I likely don't qualify to win anything as I won't be available on the 31st to email you if my name is posted. It's still fun to contribute! It'll be neat to see what others would change about themselves. Although we should all love and accept ourselves for who we are too, right?

Anonymous said...

beautiful work as always Kim.

Lisa said...

I love your style. Really a beautiful card. :)

Nancy Maxwell James said...

she is soooo beautiful...I want to also say...thank you for the beautiful stamp you sent me from the name draw! it is so perfect and I can't wait to use it!


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